Karate Instructor Questions

What year is Kaicho Snyder’s birthday? 1952

What year did Kaicho Snyder start martial arts? 1968

What style of martial arts did Kaicho Snyder first do? Taekwondo

Who was Kaicho Snyder’s Taekwondo instructor? Richard Park

How long did Kaicho Snyder do Taekwondo? 12 years

Who was Kaicho Snyder’s first instructor in this style? Mikio Nishiuchi

Which did Kaicho Snyder start first in this style, karate or kobudo? Kobudo

Which weapon did Kaicho Snyder first learn? Bo

Who did Kaicho Snyder take Aikido classes from? Roderick Kobayashi

Who did Kaicho Snyder take Goju-Ryu classes from (brown belt level)? John Roseberry

What belt rank is Kaicho Snyder in Koburyu karate? 9th Dan

What level teaching license does Kaicho Snyder have? Hanshi – ‘Teacher of teachers’

What year was Shihan Steve born? 1965

What belt rank is Shihan Steve in karate? 6th Dan

What level teaching license does Shihan Steve have? Renshi

What year was Sensei Maria born? 1990

What belt rank is Sensei Maria in karate? 3rd Dan

What level teaching license does Sensei Maria have? Shidoin (all instructors with Sensei title have this same certification)

What year was Sensei Micah born? 1988

What year was Sensei Sarah born? 1990

What year was Sensei Mark born? 1994

Who is Kaicho Snyder’s instructor? Kaicho Kinjo Takashi

What year was Kaicho Kinjo born? 1939

What year did Kaicho Kinjo start karate? 1954

Who was Kaicho Kinjo’s karate instructor? Itokazu Seiki

Who was Itokazu Seiki’s karate instructor? Kanei Uechi

Who was Kanei Uechi’s karate instructor? Kanbun Uechi

What year was Kanbun Uechi born? 1877

What year did Kanbun Uechi die? 1948

What years did Kanbun spend in China? 1897 – 1910

Who was Kanbun Uechi’s karate instructor? Shushiwa

What style of karate did Kaicho Kinjo first study? Shorin Ryu

Who was Kaicho Kinjo’s first instructor in karate? Nagamine Shoshin