Kaicho Tim Snyder

Kaicho Tim Snyder has devoted the last 49 years of his life to the pursuit of excellence through passionately studying and teaching martial arts. Kaicho Snyder holds Hanshi ninth degree black belt in both Okinawa Koburyu Karate and Okinawa Kobudo under Okinawa’s famed Kaicho Takashi Kinjo, Okinawa, Japan. He also earned 1st through 6th degree black belts in Okinawa Karate and Okinawa Kobudo under Shihan Mikio Nishuchi, International Okinawa Kobudo Association. In addition, he earned 1st through 4th degree black belts in Okinawa Kobudo from the late Grandmaster Shinpo Matayoshi, Okinawa, Japan. Kaicho Snyder also holds a black belt in Iaido through the All Japan Kendo Federation and a black belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwondo.

Kaicho Snyder is the U.S. President of Okinawa Koburyu Karatedo Kobudo Kobukai and the Founder of the SeiShinKan Karate schools around the United States. Kaicho Snyder is the highest ranking student under this organization’s international head, Kaicho Takashi Kinjo, Okinawa, Japan. He provides training seminars each year with Kaicho Kinjo at his U.S. Headquarters school in Lincoln, Nebraska and periodically takes groups of instructors and students to Okinawa to train at the international headquarters in Naha City, Okinawa Japan. Kaicho Snyder serves as a professional trainer conducting specialized training for professional athletes as well as collegiate athletes. He has trained fighters who have competed in the UFC and who have won 1st and 2nd places in the grueling full contact, bare knuckle competitions on an international level. He also does specialized training for law enforcement both in the U.S. and in Japan.

Some of Kaicho Snyder’s other interests and talents center around his love of nature and photography, being an accomplished wildlife photographer. He also greatly enjoys traveling the country for wilderness adventures and motivational speaking. Kaicho Snyder has an amazing gift to work with people of all backgrounds and a true passion to change peoples’ lives. His undefeatable attitude is contagious and power-packed seminars are known to challenge the minds and forever transform the lives of his students. His life’s goal is to introduce true martial arts to schools by teaching traditional Okinawan martial arts nationwide. His never-ending optimism and personal mentoring has empowered students to achieve their highest goals and fight the battles of life. Each year of experience has given him more power and drive to continue sharing his passion. Through his dedication and training, he has brought back the genuine energy and power of the martial arts, by continuing to improve and increase in skill every year. Kaicho Snyder is committed to inspiring you to accomplish beyond your own expectations and fulfill a desire to learn true traditional martial arts. His classes and teachings will pump you up for life-changing experiences where you will learn and feel the real spirit of the martial arts.


Shihan Steve Saathoff

Shihan Steve has been studying Karate with Kaicho Tim Snyder since 1986. He is a Sixth degree black belt in karate with Renshi title (full teaching certification). Shihan Steve is a family physician at Fallbrook Family Physicians, practicing medicine in Lincoln since 1995. He is married with 2 daughters spending most of his free time either at the dojo or attending school activities for his children. Shihan Steve believes that karate can be applied in all aspects of one’s life and perfectly fits with his lifelong passion to help others improve their health.


Sensei Maria Lopez

Sensei Maria has committed herself to the SeiShinKan Karate School under Kaicho Snyder. As a talented and gifted athlete, Sensei Lopez feels like martial arts has taken her natural abilities and combined them with a mental discipline and strength that has propelled her forward through life. Karate has fulfilled her desire for continual personal challenge and development and under the personal instruction of Kaicho Snyder, Sensei Lopez’s life goals have reached higher levels all together. She has gained unparalleled confidence, empowering her to achieve in all aspects of life. As Kaicho Snyder’s student, she has developed a passion for becoming the real deal, where one’s words and actions match what’s truly inside them. She has understood martial arts as the solution to overcome personal weaknesses and humble herself in devotion to improvement, not for personal gain or accolades, but for the benefit of others.

Through personal training and mentoring from Kaicho Snyder, Sensei Lopez holds a black belt in both Okinawa Karate and Okinawa Kobudo as well as a Shidoin, instructor certification, recognized both in the United States and Japan. Sensei Lopez works full-time for the world’s largest food and beverage company. She has also traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe, enjoys the beauties of nature and singing all genres of music. Recognizing that martial arts has paved the way for her success in all facets of life, she has continued her daily dedicated training. Sensei Lopez currently teaches kid and adult classes in Iowa and enjoys sharing the positive life-changing attributes and strengths she has attained from karate to students and everyone she interacts with.